GREG-YACHTS opens new office on the island of Lesvos – in Mytilini Marina


GREG-YACHTS is pleased to announce, opening of our new yacht sales office on the island of Lesvos, in the new Marina of Mytilini, as of August 2015.

Our yacht sales office, is located inside the Marina next to the Marina Office and directly on the Marina Waterfront.

Lesvos is the third biggest island in Greece.

Lesvos Island is located  in the north Aegean Sea opposite to Turkey, Ayvalik being the nearest town on the Turkish Coast.

Considered one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, if not the most beautiful according to many, famous for many of its products such as Ouzo, olive oil, octopus from Plomari, dairy products and many others such as the famous sardines of the Gulf of Kalloni.

The beauty of the Gulf of Gera and of Kalloni is second to none.

“Kalloni” by the way in Greek, means the extremely beautiful woman.

The picturesque town of Molyvos up in the north, the most touristic part of the island, relates more to a painting than to reality.

The million years old petrified forest of Sigri on the west part of the island, is another unique feature of the island. 

There are many nice areas of sailing and anchoring through the extensive coastline of the island itself.

Lesvos is reached from mainland Greece either by ferry, arriving to the capital of Lesvos, Mytilini, from Piraeus (the port of Athens), Thessaloniki and Kavala in the north of Greece. but also by plane from Athens and Thessaloniki or from abroad via the international Odysseas Elytis Airport, located near the main town of Mytilini.

 Furthermore there is daily ship connection throughout the year between Mytilini and opposite Ayvalik in Turkey.

Mytilini Marina is a new marina with approximately 220 boat berths, recently becoming part of the Setur Chain of Marinas.

Located one kilometer south of the main Harbor of Mytilini in a quiet location, it provides the facilities of a modern Marina.

Furthermore as being part of the chain of Setur Marinas, Lesvos Mytilini Marina offers to its guests further benefits enjoyed by members of the Setur Marinas Membership Club.

GREG-YACHTS  yacht sales and brokerage office in Lesvos Mytilini Marina will be glad to meet you and assist you in selling your yacht or boat or finding a suitable yacht for you if you are looking for a yacht, through our extensive listings of second hand yachts for sale of all types and sizes located all over Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.