Our Services in Yacht Brokerage

Our services to you as yacht purchaser are briefly listed as follows :

  1. Provide you with information and photo(s) on a yacht
  2. Make viewing arrangements for you to view the  yacht  
  3. Arrange or carry out inspection on the yacht and provide you with a written survey report (at extra cost)
  4. Prepare a Memorandum of Agreement (M.O.A.) between you as Buyer and the Seller (Vendor).
  5. Appoint a lawyer who will carry out all the paperwork necessary for the transfer of ownership of a Greek Flagged Boat.  The services of the lawyer will include, checking of titles in the Boat Registry, ascertaining that the yacht is transferred clear of any debts or encumbrances and finally that the yacht is deleted from the Greek Registry. The cost for such a service amounts at present to Euro 850 and is payable by the Buyer.
  6. Arrange a Bill of Sale to be issued and legally signed by the contracting parties.
  7. Arrange for any jobs to be carried out to the yacht prior or after delivery to you as new owner.
  8. Arrange transfer of boat to a destination requested by the new owner
  9. Arrange berthing and guardienage of yacht to a place anywhere in Greece  

For more details also view in section “Buying a boat in Greece ”. 

In the event of buying a yacht of non Greek Flag our services remain the same as to the above mentioned points except for point “5”.  Instead we will assist you with the procedures required from the state where the yacht is registered in, before it is transferred to you as the new owner.

For more details also view section “Buying a boat in Greece ”.